How to Get the Cheapest Health Insurance

Health insurance are not cheap – the rising cost of healthcare had made insurers slap on a high premium for any policy if offers. Also they only take on applicants that pass their assessment. This has cause many of us to not be able to secure ourselves a healthcare plan. Some also does not have plans because they did not work with employers that offers health insurance coverage.

However, there are still ways in which many of us could receive protection:

#1 Still under 26? get under your parents coverage plan – If you’re under the age of 26, you maybe be able to be added into your parent’s current health insurance – this is allowed under the Federal Law.


Discuss with your parents’ insurance provider, and then with your parents as well on the minor details – such as chipping in on the monthly premium payments and all.

#2 Search around for affordable health insurance – You have to work hard to find bargains, and this applies to health insurance as well. Compare rates from the internet, talk to qualified agents, and check with your employer as well. Ask from your friends and family for a good agent, and check for their credentials as well. If you are in the hunt for health insurance because you are made jobless (hence losing your coverage), you could make a visit to COBRA at the Department of Labor. You could negotiate with COBRA about continuing your current health insurance with your previous employer, but you will be paying the entire premium.

#3 Get Healthy – One of the things that will make insurance companies happy to offer you insurance is if you are at the pink of health. Live well, eat well, exercise regularly and sleep well. Healthy people are what the insurance companies like to insure most – they dont fall sick and claim! This will make sure that you will pass your health checkup with flying colors, and you will see the insurance companies trampling over each other to offer you their plan, often with super-low monthly premiums!


#4 Get only what you really need – For young and healthy people, perhaps you don’t really need a full indemnity or HMO plan as yet. Seek for ‘emergency only’ coverage plans, that only pays out when you receive hospital care. These type of plan can be really cheap as well.

#5 Associations and Community Centres – These organizations sometimes offer health insurance that are cheap and affordable. All it takes is for you to join and be a member of these organizations, and you can gain access to various benefits, including the cheap health insurance.

It is not difficult to get a cheap and affordable healthcare insurance, provided that you are willing to work hard to find it. Good luck!

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